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Licensed by the Tunisian state through the Ministry of Health, MTC Healthcare is a company of Import & distribution of medical equipments.

Its medical equipment suppliers are world renowned for the quality of their products and services with best prices.

MTC Healthcare represents many International pharmaceutical companies in Tunisia and in North and sub-Saharan African countries.

MTC Healthcare prepares and works for the implementation of the pharmaceutical companies on the Tunisian and sub-Saharan market.

MTC Healthcare is also a huge resource for pharmaceutical companies wishing to conquer the Tunisian and African market potential for selling their products and their representative implantation.

With many years of experience held by its founders, built by their serious work and with its undeniable quality of its products, services & benefits, MTC Healthcare has built today, a reputation of professionalism, ethics and credibility.

Through its Advisory Service, MTC Healthcare allows to the medical professional to get satisfaction of the choice of medical devices and pharmaceutical products.

The various services offered by MTC Healthcare, allow winning the trust of many global suppliers; thus benefit from the trust of customers and professional (clinical directors and hospitals, pharmacists, physicians, nutritionists etc. …) and from different organizations of the medical field (governments, NGOs, associations, etc …).

In addition, this ever-renewed confidence reflected in the acquisition of several tenders.

Achieving brilliantly many tenders allowed us to equip ourselves with strong references.

Serious partners who work with us also characterize the credibility of our structure.

Through its innovative strategies, MTC Healthcare has attracted the friendship of many structures who became our partners.

Our partners

For us, you are all references

Our company policy is also concerned with all of its partners in a quest for excellence in its quality policy.

Our strength lies in the monitoring of field activities: targeting set up, monitoring coverage and frequencies, transparency and in relation with our customers.

Thus, we preserve and value our best employees to offer you a qualified and experienced management that ensures a unique customer relationship.

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